What is the best anime to watch?

There are so many isekai anime out there, that it's difficult to search out those with any distinguishing features. The premise is usually one of a young man transported into a fantasy world, of which he becomes a hero. Mushoku Tensei, or Jobless Reincarnation (the subtitle translates as 'I Will Seriously Try If I Go to Another World') actually manages to put an interesting spin on the idea of watch anime online.

When a 34-year-old nerd dies in a traffic collision and is reincarnated in a fantasy world, he retains his own mind, but starts his life out as a baby. Growing up, he decides that unlike his old life on Earth, which he spent as a recluse without a job or friends, he's going to try his best with his new existence.

Granted, this isn't revolutionary stuff. Typical isekai features— such as plenty of fanservice— are still present.

However, considering this is an oversaturated genre, seeing a character start at zero does plenty for immersion, and presents many different angles through which you can approach the 'modern person in a medieval world' trope.

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